Marjo Schenk

From childhood obsessed with music, Marjo Schenk sings from the mid-sixties in various local- and nationally known bands like MOAN, JAAP DEKKER Boogie Set, Les Copains, HW Group, and Lax Sillies.

Poolsinger - Marjo

HW Group (Presikhaaf) & Lax Sillies (Rheden)

A highlight of this period is MOAN, the sequel to the band The Moans, where Herman Brood was part of earlier. MOAN with band members Arnie Treffers †, Alan Macfarlane, Alfons Haket and Peter Walda †. After the departure of Marjo in 1972, MOAN transformed, into the successful rock & roll act Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers.

MOAN (Lauwersgracht Arnhem) & MOAN – Nightmare.

Shortly thereafter some solo singles under the name “Steven Giles” were released, inter alia by EMI Records and BASF. In 1972, Marjo started singing in the band of Jaap Dekker, one of the leading boogie-woogie pianists of our country. The “Jaap Dekker’s Boogie Set”, with several successive members such as Pim Bautz, Wil de Meyer, Ilja Gort, Marc Janssen, Frans Hoeke, Jaap Jan Schermer , Ad van de Berg and Marjo Schenk, had a hit with “In A Green Green Tubers Land ( “In een Groen Groen Knollenland”) in 1975. Ultimately followed by a new musical highlight: SPLINTERFUNK, with Nico Groen (Flavium), Lain Barbier (Turbo) and Ante Cetinic. Unfortunately, this promising band prematurely perished.

Jaap Dekker Boogie Set                              SPLINTERFUNK

As a “plugger” Marjo joins in 1978 CBS Records. CBS later became Sony Music. He scored hits with KC & The Sunshine Band, Garland Jeffreys, Gloria Estefan (Miami Sound Machine) and Cock Robin. From 1986 as A & R manager, he produced CD’s with The Nits, Herman Brood, Piet Veerman (The Cats), I’ve got the Bullets / Frederique Spigt and Ten Sharp).


Jeff Wayne – War of the Worlds (golden record) & Ferry Maat Soulshow guest Maurice White (from Earth Wind & Fire)

In 1989 Marjo was appointed Managing Director of SonyATV Music Publishing. In this role he scored in 1991 a worldwide hit with ‘You’ from the aforementioned formation Ten Sharp. When later, Michael Jackson is co-owner, and thus indirectly his boss, he and his team managers represent the copyrights of Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Croce, Herbie Hancock, Neil Diamond, Neil Rodgers, Toto and in the Benelux, Golden Earring, the Nits, Ten Sharp, ID & T, Fluitsma and Van Tijn and K’s Choice.


Golden Earring signing a long term publishing deal in Cannes & signing with ID&T’s Duncan Stutterheim.

In 2008 his career in the music industry came to an end. But blood is thicker … “Around 2010, the old guitar was taken from the attic and fortunately the pleasure to ‘make music’ himself again steadily grows. Several collaborations followed and finally lead to the formation of POOLSINGER in 2013. And a repertoire consisting of songs by Lennon & McCartney, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, David Crosby and Stephen Stills. Coincidence?


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