Gert Elferink

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In 1965 young boy Gert Elferink and the Arnhem based band ‘Soul’ went to Hamburg (Germany) to perform in Nightclubs. Lead singer was Arnie Treffers†, who many years later was very successful with Rock & Roll act: Long Tall Ernie van the Shakers. In 1968 Gert joined ‘Blues Corporation’ (Nijmegen) where he met Carel van Rijn, recently and after many years they got together in ‘Poolsinger & Friends’.

Thereafter he played in the ‘experimental’ band ‘Palace’ from Arnhem (1968/1973) Other members were Gerti de Jong, Joop van Erven en Pierre Beek† (later singer with Hank The Knife & The Jets). Palace played self-composed music inspired by The Soft Machine en Frank Zappa. From 1975 – 1978 he joined o.a ‘Trade Mark’ (with o.a. Lain Barbier, Eugene Arts†)

In the ’90’s after many years without performing, he was asked to join ‘Red Rooster Club’. This band was renamed ‘The Crown Jewels’ when they changed repertoire as a Creedence Clearwater Revival -tribute band.


A band called “Soul”


Blues ’66


Blues Corporation Gert second left and Carel van Rijn left.


“Blues Corporation” (Nijmegen) rechts Gert en daarnaast Carel van Rijn.


“Palace” Pierre Beek †, Gerti de Jong, Joop van Erven, Gert Elferink.


“Palace” in Sonsbeek.


“Trademark” from the left : Lain Barbier, Eugene Arts †, Gert Elferink, Jos Jaspers and Brendley Muller.

Red Rooster Club

“Red Rooster Club”



From October 2016 Gert is keyboardist in ‘Poolsinger & Friends’.

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